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Are you spending your precious time doing something that a well-trained monkey could be doing?

We automate your time-intensive and error-prone tasks so you can focus on your core strengths. Do yourself a favour and give us a call!

Automate by Synthetix Media

About Us

Some businesses struggle with keeping data up to date and organised. Others want a consistent way to improve customer service or reduce employee burnout.

We help automate manual processes within your business freeing up more time and saving money.

What we do

We develop bespoke solutions for any business process where the tasks are repetitive and the information and tools used are digital.

Whether you need a new CRM or you're in spreadsheet hell, we can help.

Why Automation?

Automation helps saves money and time. A single script could help save thousands of dollars and give you peace of mind that the work is being done with minimal mistakes and downtime.

Some examples where we can help...

If you're in Spreadsheet Hell, call us. We can build you solutions to merge all your spreadsheets into a single database and automatically take action based on events happening in your spreadsheet.

Do you have your own online store? Whether it's on Amazon or Shopify, we can help. From lead-gen, marketing to shipping. Hire us to simplify your process & improve your conversions

Struggling to stay on top of your customer data? Hire us to build custom CRM & Billing solutions to take care of your worries.

If your business uses a computer to do the same task every day, week month then chances are good it can be automated.

Schedule a free consultation and let's go over your business's bottlenecks.

How We Do It

Our Process

Case Studies

How one business went from 10 hours of work a day to complete autopilot

One business owner that spent hours each day on sending out trade alerts instead automated 95% of the job, simply approving automated alerts through their phone

How automation helped achieve a temporary monopoly overnight

Automation helped secure a monopoly by automatically submitting application forms right as the clock hit 12, allowing for them to be processed first

How one client used google assistant to save 1.5 hours a day

Voice Assistants are the next big thing. But did you know you're not limited by what's on the app store? Here's how a client used custom voice automation to save time!

client say


"3 months ago I was at the point of burnout. Today, I have enough free time for my next venture"

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